Driving a world-class human-centered culture in your organization

The next BostonCHI meeting is Driving a world-class human-centered culture in your organization on Tue, Oct 17 at 6:45 PM.

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BostonCHI October 2023, featuring Tom Wintering and Neal Larkin


Ever feel like representing the user is the Sisyphean task of your organization?

Constantly evangelizing human-centered design principles as a core ingredient to the organization’s success and never seeing it included in the recipe? Seen as a siloed tactician rather than a strategic thought-partner? Building on Jared Spool’s fantastic discussion on the ways you can unleash your individual potential by changing your approach, we’ll explore the other end of the equation: how to support other functions, from senior executives to frontline team members, to understand and embrace design thinking as dual set of mindsets and problem-solving approaches unlocking step-change growth for individuals, teams, and the organization (and, of course, your customers).

Neal Larkin Bio

Neal is Associate Partner in design, technology and digital business building with McKinsey & Company. He specializes in creating customer-centric strategies and designing / launching new products for start-up businesses. Prior to McKinsey he was a Managing Partner from carbon12, a McKinsey acquisition, where he established best in class design process and helped build strategic design teams in the US, Europe and Kiev to serve clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Tom Wintering Bio

Tom is a senior expert in McKinsey’s Customer Experience, Innovation, and Design Practices, with a specific focus on organizational culture change. He spends most of his time helping clients build out their CX and Innovation functions while simultaneously enabling cross-functional teams at every level to leverage design thinking in their day-to-day decision-making. Prior to McKinsey, Tom was a Product Manager at Amazon where he first discovered, fell in love with, and saw the potential of design, and witnessed the power of Design teams who educated their non-Design peers on a customer-first approach.