BOSTONCHI HOSTS Elizabeth Rosenzweig: The UX of Body Worn Cameras for Police

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

The UX of Body Worn Cameras for Police at Constant Contact

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019

1601 Trapelo Rd, Waltham, MA 02451

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Body worn cameras (BWC) impact police behavior in many ways, big and small. Police officers already carry approximately 9-12 different items on their body when on duty, so from a cognitive standpoint, they are already overloaded. The addition of a BWC adds to their cognitive load and if the camera has not integrated human factors best practices, the cameras might not get turned out. A year-long study was conducted in the lab and in the field, including interviews and ride-alongs. The outcome of the study provided design guidelines that improved the ease of use and effectiveness for one companies BWC.

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is a Principal Usability Consultant at the Bentley User Experience Center. Elizabeth has worked as a consultant and employee in several major corporations for over 25 years. Her experience includes design, innovation and development, ranging from website and, applications, to hardware products and technology development. Elizabeth has completed strategy, design and research projects for many major corporations as well as academic institutions. Elizabeth holds 4 patents in intelligent user interface design and is Adjunct Faculty in the Bentley University, Human Factors and Information Design Master’s degree program. 



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