Daniel Leithinger – Shape Displays for Remote Togetherness

June 9, 6pm, online



We need physicality in computing now more than ever, and shape displays may help us reclaim it. During this time of remoteness, our daily experience of work and learning is a stark reminder that videos on a flat computer screen cannot replace the intimacy of touch and the feeling of presence when sharing a room. Shape displays challenge this status quo by transforming their physical shape to represent information and people. I will discuss how we can use these interfaces to enrich remote experiences, and what advances will be needed to turn them from lab prototypes into reality. Our research group’s work on prototyping tools for shape-changing interfaces and on new form technologies like shape-changing swarm robots is driven by a shared vision of a future of embodied interaction and remote togetherness beyond pixels. 


Daniel Leithinger is Assistant Professor (Computer Science and ATLAS Institute) at the University of Colorado at Boulder and head of the ATLAS NYC satellite lab. Together with his students, he creates shape-changing human-computer interfaces that push information past the boundaries of flat displays, and into the real world. Daniel received his PhD at the MIT Media Lab in 2015. His research has been presented at ACM UIST, TEI and CHI, and he has received design awards from Fast Company, Red Dot and IDEA.


  • 6-6:30pm: Networking via virtual whiteboard and zoom
  • 6:30pm: Presentation
  • 7:30pm: Q&A


We will be using:

  • A Zoom meeting for the event
  • A Miro virtual whiteboard during the pre-talk networking

Links for both the Zoom meeting and the Miro whiteboard will be sent to registered attendees.


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