zSpace’s zCon East Conference

zCon East

zSpace is a powerful 3D modeling software platform.

Come join fellow Boston entrepreneurs, tech-enthusiasts and zSpace users at the BostonCHI October meeting: Experience zSpace live and explore exclusive demo applications applicable to your industry Learn how zSpace transforms ordinary PCs into powerful workstations. Discover how to develop new zSpace applications that change the way people learn, play and create. Special invite and free registration to zCon East: The zSpace Special Interest Group Conference taking place in Boston on October 21, 2013 About zCon:

zCon East – The zSpace Developer Conference series aims to accelerate the pace of innovation in manufacturing, biotechnology, architecture, government, medical, entertainment, gaming, education, and research.

Due to overwhelming demand from our first developers conference, zCon 2013, we are expanding to include three regional events: zCon Europe, zCon East, and zCon Asia! zCon events bring together those at the forefront of building 3D applications on the zSpace platform. zSpace provides a highly-realistic visualization experience, enabling users to directly interact with virtual-holographic simulations as if they were real physical objects. For a virtual demonstration of zSpace, visit

zCon East includes sessions in technical/user experience, research/academia, and business oriented topics. Attendees will receive hands-on demonstrations from 3D industry experts through an extensive set of applications using the zSpace platform. Register now for free using coupon code “BOSTONCHI”.

zCon East October 21, 2013 Microsoft NERD Center Boston, MA

Register Now: www.zspace.com/zconeast