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vote in the BostonCHI elections!

Hey there!

It’s time to vote in the BostonCHI elections for the steering committee for Sept 2014 – June 2015. Voting is now closed.

There is a candidate running for each position, and you’re welcome to write in candidates as well.


BostonCHI Steering Committee

BostonCHI election nominations!

It’s nearing the end of the BostonCHI season, and that means that it’s election time.

We’re looking for nominations for the three elected positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer

Everyone who is nominated for a position will end up on the ballot. Nominations will be announced at our May meeting and election results will be announced at our June meeting.

Nominations are now closed.

2012 – 2013 season wrap-up

Hi everyone,

BostonCHI would like to thank our speakers, our sponsors, and our members andmeeting attendees. We had a great lineup this year and a lot of support.

Over the course of the year, we transitioned to a new website, based on WordPress, a new membership management system, and a new newsletter system. Thanks for bearing with us through the quirks.

We’d like to announce that Todd will be staying on as Chair and Rachel and Carl will be staying on as Vice-Chair and Treasurer, respectively.

We look forward to seeing you at the Boston Interactions summer picnic, which will be in August, with details to be announced towards the end of July.

We’ve already started lining up a schedule for the fall and we think that you’ll love it just as much as you did this year.

Thank you for your support.

Todd, Rachel, and the BostonCHI steering committee.