BostonCHI Officer Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

BostonCHI elections are here! We are searching for nominations for our Chair and Vice-Chair to start in the summer. This is a fantastic opportunity to become well-connected in the BostonCHI & UX communities and expand your network. If you’re interested in learning more, email Nominate someone here.

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About BostonCHI

With over 30 years fostering innovation in Computer-Human Interaction (CHI), BostonCHI is part of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) — the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society with a worldwide network of over 100,000 members. Averaging 200 enrolled chapter members, BostonCHI presents thought-provoking CHI and UX research & design to the greater Boston community through a monthly seminar from September to June, and also encourages networking among its members via the monthly event and other social events throughout the year.  Some recent seminars touched on topics such as the human side of interaction with autonomous vehicles, internet of things, chatbots, data visualization, design for health behavior change, and fashion design for wearable interfaces.

Chapter Chair

The Chair is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the chapter and managing its activities. Duties of the Chair include:

  • Leading the public events and organizational meetings supporting them.
  • Leading or assisting in finding meeting venues, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Coordinating with the meeting venues, speakers, other sponsors.
    Work with the Treasurer to understand the chapter’s finances.
    Work with the Member Chair to understand the chapter’s membership
  • Work with the other steering committee members to take on tasks such as publicity, software administration, and meeting hospitality.
  • Keeping in good standing with parent and partner organizations.

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Chapter Vice-Chair

Duties of the Vice Chair include:

  • Assisting the Chair in leading the chapter.
  • Serving as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair.
  • Performing such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair.

Should be strong in at least a couple of the following areas: management, publicity, app administration, hospitality, developing and maintaining R&D contacts in the Boston area and beyond

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