membership test page

We’re testing out various subscription management solutions…. in general, I think I’m favoring something which passes the subscription management into Stripe, as that feels more reliable to me (Todd) and also easier to move to another method. Plus, it integrates nicely w/ Eventbrite via Zapier.

Lists of WordPress plugins which might suit our needs:

Direct Stripe Button

Test button (live? you may get charged)

Not quite sure this one is working….

It’s an open source plugin that basically maps a button to a Stripe product or subscription.

Documentation: integrated recurring payments

Test button (live: you will get charged)

Not sure there’s a good way to get members who sign up via this method into MailChimp. Uses Stripe only as a payment processor, like Chargebee does. $45 / year at the 2% fees to use this, based on our 2019 / 2020 season membership numbers.


Full Stripe

Whole payment form is on website. Only works on self-hosted WordPress, not sites. $49 / year.


Simple Pay Plus

$149 / year to support subscriptions through Stripe.


Stripe Payments

The main Stripe integration, useful for purchasing products, is free, but needs this plugin to do subscriptions, which costs $40 / year ( This is similar to Direct Stripe in that it would create a button which maps to a single membership type.


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